Green & Gold : a sweet boys love in a boarding school

Green & Gold is a comic book by the talented Lisa Brenner. At the Tannenberg boarding-school, 10th grade students each oversee one 7th grade newcomer to ease their integration into school. The two partners must work together on a project to be finished by the end of the year, symbolizing their cooperation before the elder passes the baton and leaves junior high for high school.

Piet, a gifted and congenial student, is in charge of Tim, a small blue-eyed redhead who looks a lot like Lukas, his first love. But Tim is a depressed and ill-tempered boy who resents living apart from his parents during the week. He isolates himself from others, and stays in front to his laptop and phone screens, ignoring the advice and attentions of Piet and Morritz, his roommate.

In this slice of life story, relationships are formed and transformed, in a sentence, an awkward glance, a false movement. Piet evolves, torn between his responsibilities as student delegate, his best "girlfriend" Thea, his brother Levi that he ignores, and his troubling feelings towards his comrade Henry. Not to mention the enigmatic Tim he is responsible for.

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Author Lisa Brenner publishes Green & Gold since the end of 2016 on the internet and has already published a first 120 pages collection of her story in German on April 2017.




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