Fools: brokenheart and love again

Fools by Yeongha and Park Dam. Jeongwoo has just had his heart broken on the day Eungi talks to him for the first time, on the eve of his departure for military service.

4 years later, both are at the same university. Eungi holds on to a deserted guitar club, while the easygoing Jeongwoo is one of the most popular amongst freshmen. At an evening party, Eungi overhears Jeongwoo on the phone and realizes between the sobs that he is breaking up with another man. He seeks to console and reassure his cadet, once again vulnerable as the first day they talked, but overwhelmed by the novelty of the situation, dares not say anything. He instead awkwardly invites Jeongwoo to join his club, which leads to an unforeseen influx of new members, and gives Eungi a golden opportunity to teach the bases one on one with his young protege...

fools gay boy couple stories comic book 1

fools gay boy couple stories comic book 2

Published between 2016 and 2017 on the internet, Fools, has since been released as a 4 volume book series, gathered in a box, which should facilitate an official translation from the original korean...

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